JLR WavePads


Manufactured in Plainfield, Illinois

We spent 2-1/2 years of prototyping to develop the final product!!  WavePads wanted to make something that would not only stand up against people and kids, but pets as well.  We looked at all raft manufacturers flaws, and turned them into our success (ie. Removed all excess weight while still increasing buoyancy, No more molding because it is entirely closed cell, corona treated to prevent staining, uv stabilized so the sun can't damage it)
We are the only patented triple thermo bonding company in the U.S.  All our products have a polyethylene film that acts as body armor and dual polyethylene foam cells!!

Dual cells increase buoyancy by around 28%!!

Completely family owned and operated
All employees, and raw materials are U.S. Made!

A family owned and operated Independent Distributor, JLR WavePads has been serving Lake Huron, Erie, and St. Clair since 2015.  We grew up on our local lakes and rivers, and take pride in passing on our passion to our community.


Whether you're looking for an relaxing afternoon, a wild party, or something in between, we've got the gear and expertise to help you enjoy the great outdoors.

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